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Pat Harris


I'm a retired teacher living and studying in Hertfordshire. Much of my personal research is based on my hobby of family history research. As my family were from Manchester, researching is difficult.


bulletThe History of Girls' Education in Manchester 1850-1980s. I have two projects that can currently be classed as 'works-in-progress'. I have recently begun collaborative work with the ex-Head of my old girls' school - founded in the early 1850s. An interest in the early education of girls is central to this work.
bulletArtisans in the Ancoats area with particular reference to the Social Surveys of the early 1800s.

Past Projects

bulletI have recently graduated from the Open University, finishing my degree with the Fourth Level Research Course on Charles Booth.
This resulted in the  broadening of my family history research to investigate the social conditions of artisans in the Ancoats area of Manchester.
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