FAQ: What is this web site?

This web site is a point from which to locate Family and Community Historical Research information for the Society's members, and to encourage visitors to recognise the value of being a member of the Society.

In addition it is also a portal for access to on-line resources for our members. So if this is your first visit to this domain, make sure you "bookmark" the site as a "Favourite" before you go any further!

It doesn't matter if you are looking to expand your interest in family history or an academic researcher, because the root level of information you need is the same. This data comes in many forms such as Census Lists, Parish Registers, Transcriptions from burial places, activities of Friendly Societies, lists of names on war memorials, lists of publicans, innkeepers, lawyers, doctors, soldiers, officers, regiments. The lists go on and on!

The problem is where do you find them, and it is here that we find two levels of "good news" and bad news". We the people in pursuit of our endeavours often transcribe the original data found in archives, record offices or personal collections. We make lists, sometimes we publish them, and most times we put them in a file for future use. Many professional academics use facilities such as the Historical Database operated by Essex University, or Kings College. Many people publish their research on "the web", and many libraries maintain on-line databases of published PhD thesis.

The goal of FACHRS is to bring together resources from academia and family history and, in creating this unique web-site,  we highlight the increasing recognition of the contribution made by small-scale 'micro' researchers, regardless of professional or amateur status. Our objective is to encourage members to share information through the publication of data, and provide unique linkages through member's interest pages.

So if you are involved in any form of family or community historical research, and you are not a member of FACHRS yet, why not join today, there is no time like the present to make a start!