Terms of the FACHRS Conference Book Auction

  1. books may be purchased by Society members or any member of the general public for personal use and who are registered to attend the 2012 Annual Conference.
  2. the books must be collected by the purchaser, in person, at the 2012 Annual Conference.
  3. the auction is not open to persons who are engaged in the book trade, or resellers of pre-owned books
  4. bids must be made online using the bid form and a bid may be for up to five books at a time
  5. multiple bids may be made
  6. the books will be sold to the highest bidder
  7. a bid should be made by catalogue number and price bid
  8. where two bids are received for the same book at the same price, the winner shall be the the bid with the overall highest bid price for multiple books on the bid form
  9. any received bid from a person who is not registered to attend the 2012 Annual Conference will be void.
  10. adjudication of each bid shall be made by Professor Drake whose decision is final
  11. Winning bids will be notified by email after the 30th April 2012 but before 7th May 2012
  12. Payment of a winning bid may be made in cash or by personal cheque and will be collected from the bidder at the Annual Conference
  13. all the books are in reasonable condition but bids are made 'sight unseen'
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